First, thank you for stopping by my journal!


My name is Hannah Hunter. I…

  • am the offspring of a beautiful, wise, witty mother, and the most-loved adopted daughter of a godly, quiet, compassionate father.
  • am the oldest sibling of one brother and two sisters, all of whom I love dearly and wish I could have loved better growing up.
  • basically married a younger version of my dad — the godliest, quietest, most compassionate best friend I have on earth, my Mr. Hunter.
  • am a believer in Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord — I boast in Him alone.

Why blog?

My main purpose for this blog is to journal. I’ve struggled with continuing the blog lately… God worked swiftly and grandly in my life recently and I am relearning how to process God’s work through writing.

Who has been the most important person in your life?

Aside from Jesus Christ… there is a small handful.

  1. My parents. They relentlessly prayed for my salvation and loved me unconditionally when I was my worst.
  2. My Granny. Her quiet way of living in humility continues to teach me, especially in my most prideful, stubborn moments.
  3. My husband. He came to Christ before me and, despite my hating him for loving another (God) more than me, stuck with me. He modeled Christ’s love for the Church before I was even a believer or his wife.

Come, young and old from every land –
Men and women of the faith;
Come, those with full or empty hands –
Find the riches of His grace.
Over all the world, His people sing –
Shore to shore we hear them call
The Truth that cries through every age:
β€œOur God is all in all”!


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