Lace Up Your Ghillies

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I used to compete in Highland dance. It’s really my one true sport. I love running, but I can never seem to give up Highland dance.

Well. I’m back at it. Third time’s a charm, right? I love dancing. So much. My first class in two years was last night, and this time, I’m going to try to keep my ligaments from stretching the wrong way!

I definitely felt some long lost muscles during class. Oof! So I recovered today with some hip expanding/hamstring stretching yoga moves. Hopefully if I keep it up, I’ll be able to avoid any injuries!

Video Disclaimer: This is a yoga session, but if you can just block out the spirituality, the stretches are worth it!

I also need to get my “point” back — you know, that pretty, arched extension of the foot. So I did this helpful exercise to strengthen the muscles in my foot and get them back to their former glory.

I’ll be registering for competition next February!

P.S.: Of course, I’m going to continue running. Running is my newer true sport, and I wouldn’t want to leave my running buddies hanging.