Doubting Castle

Because hopelessness and doubt invades my life.

Whatever we are as Christians and however weak, let us be real, true, and sincere.

J.C. Ryle

It’s inevitable.

You know God’s truth. You understand what He calls you to do, as His believer. You are (often painfully) aware of the need for sanctification.

Perhaps you feel triumph over a certain sin or entanglement. You actually paid attention to God’s warnings, you actually heeded His instructions, you actually heard the light bulb click on this time.

And then it happens.

Not just any “it”,

The “it” sin you’ve just so impressively overcome.

You deflate. What’s the use, really. You’re hopeless. Useless. Completely helpless. And, if you’re being honest with yourself, just plain stupid.

You’re supposed to know things now. You’re supposed to learn!

Your heart sinks lower as you realize God’s disappointment. Would He forgive again? After He taught you so effectively? Would He scoff at your repentance and point to your moment of pride earlier and turn His back?

Wouldn’t He just leave you to sit and soak in the shame of your sin for eternity? Wouldn’t He be tired of delivering you?

Are you a true Christian? Then, dear soul. No.

Your weakness accentuates His strength, proclaims His glory and grace and mercy. Your aptitude for sin reminds you of your need for Him and your utter hopelessness without Him.

You are not without Him! If He is King of your mind, body, and soul, you are not hopeless, but hopeful. He will not abandon you to your sin, but will use it to draw you closer to Himself.

What comfort for the Christian who stumbles headlong into the miry pit of despondence, or is held captive by the giant Despair in his abode, Doubting Castle. Your Lord and King forgives and delivers!


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