Long-Time-Coming Check In

Well. So much to explain, and not in one blog post. I figure a good ol’ check in is a good start.

Today is: July 30

Outside is: Delightful. No humidity compared to yesterday, and a nice breeze!

I can smell: Homemade lemongrass and orange oil candles… mm. And the woods outside.

For dinner: We had hamburgers on the grill! After I set the first batch on fire. Not because I can’t grill. I promise.

Thinking about:

  • How long it’s been on this old thing.
  • How much I need to write. Because I’m a writer. And writing is how writers process life.
  • How much I love our new house. Oh yeah. We moved. Into a real house. That we own. Adventures! I love it, despite the fact it’s almost 100 years old and has wallpaper glue from at least two layers stuck on the plaster and needed 70’s carpet removed. I love it.
  • What God has been teaching me, what He is currently teaching me, and what He will probably teach me in the future.
  • I love living with my cousin-love.

Projects I am working on: Finding a second part-time job. Fixing up our house. Being a wife.

Mood today: Unsettled.

What I am reading: On the last chapter of Mortification of Sin by John Owen. Next, I think: Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges.

What I am watching: Rewatching an old, childhood favorite, Dangerous Journey. And, of course, British crime shows.

Pictures to Share: Collection from the past few months:


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