Day of Refreshment

Excerpts from my notes duringย a church-wide day of prayer and fasting. It was my first time fasting, and the Lord used it greatly through sermons, Bible reading, and songs of praise.

2015-05-01 12.25.36

I sin, yet God pursues me.

I flee from Him, yet He chases me.

I hide, and He finds me out.

I fight, and He wears me down.

I surrender, and He welcomes me back into His fold.

His goodness binds my soul to Himself; I cannot be separated! He will not let me run forever. He will not see me out the door.

He will bring me back, through pain, sorrow, and remorse, yes, but back into the wealth of peace, grace, and love in His pastures. Rest, my weary soul, in Him. He will not let you drift away. My soul clings to You, O God, prostrate in the dust.

I am the unlovable, the adulterous soul, yet He calls me to cling to His feet. He values the most unworthy at a price comparable to — no, more valuable than rubies. He has ransomed me with His blood.

O, the love of God! Who can fathom it? It’s deeper, wider, more forceful than the ocean!


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