Lasting Love

I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day person.

Yup. I’m one of those unromantic people who say, “If you’re not doing this for your spouse regularly, then you need to rethink the way you live your life.”

I know. I’m such a buzz kill.

But, in the spirit of love (and because marriage can be hard and need reminders of love), I assigned myself to think of three ways my Mister loves me.

Now, this isn’t Cosmo or Babble. I’m not going to be talking about flowers, chocolates, or pink teddy bears holding hearts. These romantic gestures are much more lasting.

1. He provides for me.

Once upon a time, my husband hated his job. They took advantage of their hardest workers and promoted the lazy bums. The pay was deplorable, the hours taxing. Most people would throw up their hands and claim it’s not worth it. What’s the point if they’re not happy or bringing home gigantic paychecks?

Not Mister.

He worked as if he liked his job. He invested time, he made suggestions for improvement, he asked for raises. And despite numerous rejections, he stuck with it until he was laid off.

And even though his new job is a fresh change, it brings the common frustrations that come with a job. Still Mister pours his ideas, his efforts, his time into his job because he was called to be the man of our little household, and he will provide for it to the best of his ability.

2. He forgives me.

I am not the easiest person to live with.

Sometimes, especially when it’s been a hard day or evening (of me being ridiculously difficult), I am struck by how blessed I am by my husband. Most men probably would have fled after a month, yelling, “Not worth it!” over their shoulders as they ran.

Mister stays.

He not only stays, but he forgives. My angry words, my illogical rants, my selfish antics are quickly pardoned and forgotten, often without my asking so.

3. He loves me as Christ loves the Church.

This is most romantic of all.

When we were married, Mister not only promised to love me as a husband loves a wife, but to love me as Jesus loves His people. And while Mister might love imperfectly, he strives to model his love after Jesus’ love for me. A love that willingly steps in as sacrifice, that eagerly gives up its own desires and comforts, that gives without regret.

It’s a love that married (or unmarried) couples who do not know Christ or biblical marriage cannot comprehend. In fact, believing couples can’t comprehend it without Jesus.

Without this deep, unselfish, sacrificial love, marriage cannot work the way God intended.

With this love, marriage not only survives, but flourishes. With this love a husband leads his wife in spiritual things. With this love, his leadership is not only determined and practical, but loving, gentle, and entirely for God’s glory and his family’s good. We wives often underestimate the weight of a husband’s duty before God and fail to appreciate the willingness with which our husbands endeavor it.

A man truly loves his wife when he forgives her like Jesus, when he loves her like Jesus, and then, with love and forgiveness, leads her to Jesus.

P.S.: Thank you, Mister, for your Christ-like romance.


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