First 2015 Check-In

Granny is here and I am a bit preoccupied…

Today is: January 7

Outside is: Snowy and blustery… bring on the coffee!

I can smell: My cinnamon coffee and my peppermint water.

For dinner: Not sure yet!

Thinking about: As always…

  • Planning game night with family and family friends warms my heart.
  • The stereotype that Canadians are 100% more friendly than Americans is 100% true.
  • Nervously preparing myself for a networking interview this morning at 11. Praying I make a good first impression. God’s will be done.
  • I’m taking my Granny to the gym today. To the gym, everyone. She’s almost 89. This means I can no longer make excuses. She threw the curve.
  • Praying for Trash Cat, our little neighborhood stray, and hoping he survives until I get my upgraded outdoor pet shelter supplies.

Project I am working on: Supplying interested friends with essential oils.

Mood today: Anxious.

What I am reading: Northanger Abbey: an annotated edition, Jane Austen. Trying my hand at 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp again.

What I am watching: Hercule Poirot TV Series, Wives and Daughters.

Picture to Share: My dear husband and myself in the Village of Alton, Caledon, Ontario.


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