Last 2014 Check In

Today is: December 29

Outside is: Gloomy and rainy. Perfect for tea and coffee.

I can smell: The essential oil diffuser poofing out clary sage, white fir, and lavender… very calming!

For dinner: Ham bone and northern bean soup. Mm!

Thinking about: A bunch of things:

  • Relishing in the after Christmas/before New Year’s calm.
  • Gotta pack for our anniversary trip to Canada; thank you, TravelZoo, for cheap vouchers!
  • Um, I’ve been married for two years already?!
  • I hope I get a job after all that networking…
  • I should probably go to the gym. I mean. Candy and cookies and fudge for breakfast are great, but… oof.
  • Can I please have a dog soon?

Project I am working on: Salve for essential oils, dinner, and finding a job. You know those people who are always busy? I’m not one of them. Blessing and a curse.

Mood today: Anticipating.

What I am reading: Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell; Wretched Writing, Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras. Have a couple books in the queue.

What I am watching: Hercule Poirot TV Series, Anne of Green Gables

Picture to Share: My brother, sister, husband, basically-sister, and me at Market Square in Pittsburgh.

Family 2014


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