Cousin Love

Just under a year ago, she texted me. She wanted to know if I could recommend any books for her to read, because, you see, she had been saved just recently.

She couldn’t see my uncontrollable smile over text message, but it was there. And it was stuck for several days.

Considering myself a new Christian, I gave a few suggestions, but pointed her toward my parents for even more suggestions, all the while beaming like a kid about to get some ice cream. No, a kid on Christmas. No, a kid when they lose their first tooth.

You get it.

There’s nothing like the joy of answered prayers, watching God save and work upon a family member. My cousin-love was finally saved, and our already deep, sweet relationship could only get deeper and sweeter.

Despite my love for writing, I am horrible at communication. And after months of busy schedules, moves, and Facebook lurking, our correspondence slows to an occasional text or Facebook post. And even when we get together, sometimes I wonder if she realizes how much I love her company.

But the beaming smile resides in my heart, knowing that we have all of eternity to fellowship.

Plus, the whole family knows that we can pick up the conversations and jokes and adventures like they never stopped. We’re Holly and Hannah, and some things never change.

She was my sister before I had sisters.

She exudes the personality I always wished I had — kind, gentle, lighthearted, unselfish.

She makes me laugh the most, sometimes with just a look.

She is my cousin-love, and I love her so!

(Happy birthday, Holly…!)


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