Thursday Briefing

Today is: October 16

Outside is: Glum, but a pleasant temperature.

I can smell: My coffee and the donuts I brought back for breakfast.

For dinner: Cajun Chicken Pasta… mmmm!

Thinking about: As usual, everything.

  • So glad my brother is here.
  • Happy to provide a home for Tom’s friends on their fall break.
  • God’s will for my life right now.
  • I shouldn’t have eaten three donuts.
  • Mister is making me more and more of an introvert.
  • Thrilled to see my favorite cousin this Saturday!
  • Man, I forgot how late college kids can stay up and sleep in.

Project I am working on: Me… God is working.

Mood today: Ruffled.

What I am reading: What Did You Expect?, Paul David Tripp. Oh wow. Cuts to the quick.

What I am watching: The Blacklist and Gilmore Girls (Netflix!).

Picture to Share: My family from Sept. 27.



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