Five Minute Friday: Because

Many of you will remember my past participation in “Five Minute Friday”, a global move to pour our hearts out for five minutes within 24 hours. No grammar fixes, no stylistic changes, just heart-feels blurted into a blog post. If you’d like to join, clickety click.

The word prompt today is “because”.

And go.


Before time began, He had already planned how He was going to save me.

He created a perfect earth, with a garden ripe with delicious food and animals of all kinds living in harmony. He created it with the intention of letting sin happen. He didn’t have to. He could have lived forever with just the Trinity, with just the angels serving Him. He could have even stopped at the garden, dwelling and maintaining relationships with only two humans and all the animals. He could have skipped all the drama.

But He didn’t. He let sin enter the world because before He spoke the world into existence, He had already saved me. He had already saved my mother. He had already saved my granny. He had already saved Paul Washer and Charles Spurgeon and John Calvin. He had already saved Martin Luther. He had already saved Paul and Timothy and Peter. He had even already saved doubting Thomas. He had already saved all of the people He ever would save when He created the world. It was already done.

He had already planned for Christ to be born as the God-man, to be 100% man, 100% God on earth. He had already planned for Jesus’ life to be wrought with suffering and rejection and temptations, all of which He perfectly handled as only God would. He had already planned the trial before Pontius Pilot. He had already planned the torture, the humiliation, the mutilation of the Son of Man. He had already planned the horrific, prolonged death of Jesus.

His planning didn’t end there. It could have, but He chose to include the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He had already planned how He would give His people hope, hope in a risen Savior. He had already planned to leave the Holy Spirit to finish His work on earth, until the end of time.

Before He spoke into the darkness, “Let there be light!”, He had already saved my soul.

Because… because nothing.

Because I have nothing to offer. Because of nothing I had done. I didn’t even exist yet. Because it isn’t up to me and how well I tip the scale of good and bad.

Simply because He is God and He decided that’s how it will be.

Because He is gracious and merciful and sovereign. Because my mind cannot comprehend it.

Because He loves me, and has loved me, before I could even comprehend what Love really is.

Praise God that He already saved, without a “because”.





2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Because

  1. Excellent thoughts! We’ve been doing Drive by Theology (Todd Friel) on Sunday mornings and just discussed this topic last week! What comfort it brings me to know that He did because…nothing I could/would do would be good enough.

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