Wednesday Update

Today is: September 24

Outside is: Beautiful. Typical early fall day!

I can smell: My “Apple Cider” candle. That’s right, it’s still going strong!

For dinner: Oh man. I need to go grocery shopping.

Thinking about: So much.

  • College Bible study tomorrow night! Excited to get to know these kids even more.
  • It’s my turn to cook for the college kids… gotta make sure I have enough.
  • God’s will for my life right now. That story needs its own blog post.
  • I need to eat lunch soon.
  • I love my husband.
  • Maybe I should water my plants…
  • Can I live in Canada?

Project I am working on: Preparing meals for the next few (very busy) weeks.

Mood today: Anxious, which is new for me.

What I am reading: Stop Loving the World, William Greenhill.

What I am watching: The Blacklist and The Voice. So glad they are back!

Picture to Share: Mr. and I went to Niagara Falls last weekend. It was my first time out of the U.S. (baby steps, right?) and my first time seeing the Falls.

Horseshoe Falls


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