Sunday Update

It’s been a while, so I thought it would be appropriate to check-in.

It’s the Monday following an exhausting weekend, so the best I can muster is a check-in.

Today is: September 14

Outside is: Magnificent. Sunny, breezy, crisp. The smell of autumn is in the air!

I can smell: My “Apple Cider” candle. Cool weather means it’s time for cozy candles.

For dinner: Leftover chalupa on rice.

Thinking about: Again, my mind has a running commentary. I’m assuming this is the adult womanly way.

  • It’s the first Sunday for about a month where I didn’t think to myself, “Aw, no, I have to work tomorrow.”
  • Although I’ve got the Sunday blues, I’m happy to be working again!
  • I love my new hobbit plant. It’s adorable.
  • I love that it’s cooler at night, so my plants share my living room with me.
  • I’m excited to slice into a fluffy, creamy, frozen peanut butter and chocolate dessert waiting for me in my freezer. Mmm!
  • Is it weird that I like to gaze at my husband’s slumbering face?
  • If I have daughters, I hope they don’t get his eyebrows.
  • The joy of watching football — true sign of autumn.

Project I am working on: Learning all about printing presses and its jargon for my new company.

Mood today: Homey.

What I am reading: The complete works of Flannery O’Connor. One of my favorite modern-era authors. Also, reading J.C. Ryle’s daily devotions in the four gospels. Excellent accompaniment to the word of God.

What I am watching: Football! Currently, Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Picture to Share:

My little hobbit plant!

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