A Letter to My Brother

Dear Tom,

Class of 2018, huh?

I can’t believe it. You’re my baby brother, and there you are, away at college. Hang on, I have something in my eye.

I wish I had been a better sister to you growing up. I was cruel, heartless, and belittling. My soul recoils when I remember how I used to be.

I wish you had experienced more than three years of me as a Christian.

I wish I had been saved sooner, for your sake.

But that wasn’t in God’s plan. So, instead, I can only remember how exceedingly wonderful you are as a brother.

You loved me despite my ill-treatment. You were proud of me despite the my inner filth. You were patient with me when I was astonishingly impatient with you.

You could have given up on me. You could have sworn me off.Β  You could have rejected me as I rejected you.

But you didn’t.

And here we are, both of us saved by Jesus’ blood.

I love you so much, brosky. I am so proud of the young man you’ve become. And I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you while you’re at college.

Work hard, have so much fun, do crazy things you won’t be able to do after college, and guard your heart.

So much love,


P.S.: You bet I just totally embarrassed you. Deal with it.


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