Things Jobless People Do

I am currently jobless.

That’s right.

It’s done. And it was done with the intention of doing God’s will.

I’ve been thinking of all the things jobless people (a.k.a., me) do. This mainly applies to people who recently had a job, and includes stay-at-home moms. I have a feeling this list pertains only to us high-strung Americans!


Applying for jobs becomes your new full-time job.

You start cooking all the ridiculous Pinterest recipes.

You start pinning almost everything on Pinterest.

You consider joining a class, any class, because you might die from boredom if not.

You suddenly start working out to appease your restless legs.

Your house is spotless. You might vacuum three times a week. But you still have baskets full of folded laundry sitting around. Nobody has time to put that clean stuff away.

You’re reading again, like you did in middle school or high school. Before college ruined it.

You can actually stay up late and watch every episode of your favorite show Netflix has to offer, without the consequence of getting up too early the next morning.

You have so much pent up energy, you just might Hulk out.

All of your future appointments are scheduled. All of them.

You see “Now Hiring” at your local Valvoline and you actually consider it, despite knowing nothing about whatever’s under the hood.

Going onto your front porch is considered “leaving the house”.

Grocery shopping has become your part-time job. Replenish all the household things!

You’d love to go shopping but you really can’t because income.

You’d love to go on vacation but you really can’t because income.

Patience seems unattainable.

You really can’t relax, even though that’s what people in movies do when they lose their job.

You start to wonder what God is planning. It’s a little scary, but you trust Him anyway.

I love it. But I don’t. Pray for me while I seek God’s will and wait patiently for my next chapter in life.


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