Monday’s Check-In

It’s the Monday following an exhausting weekend, so the best I can muster is a check-in.

Today is: July 28

Outside is: Ominous. Most of the day was complete downpour and extreme gusts of wind.

I can smell: My “Freshly Brewed Coffee” scented wax warmer thing in the other room. I might not be drinking coffee right now, but at least I can smell it.

For dinner: Leftover spaghetti pizza. Or maybe hotdogs and hamburgers. Whichever.

Thinking about: Oh, so many things. But the main newsfeed of my brain for the next couple weeks:

  • I hope it’s sunny for our Presque Isle trip on Saturday.
  • Almost a week til myΒ  mom and I get to see Granny!
  • I’m unsure how I feel about a new colleague. He seems to think I can’t write.
  • I really need to order new contacts. My last pair is about four months old.
  • Oops, I sent that phone-holder-arm-strap to our old address.
  • I feel sick. Am I sick? I don’t think so. I’ll wing it.
  • I need to vacuum before my yoga instructor/friend gets here.

Project I am working on: Outlining the hierarchy of actions and defining terms and user interface within a software. Thrilling!

Mood today: Sluggish.

What I am reading:Β I Wish Someone Would Explain Hebrews To Me! by Stuart Olyott. Still moving along in this and still realizing so much about this wonderful book.

What I am watching: The newer Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch. I held off because I couldn’t imagine anyone except Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. But, so far, I am pleased.

Picture to Share:

My brother and I at his grad party.
My brother and I at his grad party.

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