This Tuesday Morning

Snagged this idea from the quaint, inspiring blog, Just Need Coffee. I’m wanting to bring my writing back to a sort of journal about where I am in the day God has made. Consider this a random check-in.

Today is: July 22


Outside is: Warm, muggy, still. The sun is already heating up my home office, but it’s a welcome sight after a cloudy weekend!


I can smell: My black coffee and my last peach, sliced and juicy.


In the oven for dinner: I am the least prepared. There is nothing in the oven. But we have leftovers, so I guess it’s not a total fail.


Thinking about: I’m a woman, so, many things.

  • My future at work, while relatively certain, is a little foggy. I’m not sure what my new team will think of having their first tech writer. Or what I’ll think of my new team.
  • This coffee is just. Mm.
  • I want to read that next chapter in Olyott’s book today.
  • Lord, I’m sorry we haven’t read family devotions the past couple nights.
  • I desperately need a shower, but I also would like to run today. But it’s so hot.
  • I should probably call the doctor about a nagging cough.
  • Should I trim my own pixie? I can’t stand the inch it’s already grown. Augh! No, I shouldn’t. I’d regret it immediately.
  • What’s this song playing on Spotify now? “He Is Exalted”… Hold everything while I stop to sing this.

The list could go on….


Project I am working on: Since I’m in that odd transition stage between teams at work… the biggest project I’m working on is a document outlining all the programs I’ve ever used and where I’ve kept my documents for the next tech writer.


Mood today: Fidgety.


What I am reading:ย I Wish Someone Would Explain Hebrews To Me! by Stuart Olyott. I grew up in a church family; my own dad taught an expository Sunday school series on Hebrews. I’m not unfamiliar with Hebrews. But the book of Hebrews offers so much more sweet treasure when read as a Christian and with a book written in a grandfatherly tone. I’ve raved about Olyott before. Really, the “greatness” in him is how he deftly unpacks each verse in order to help his listeners/readers understand God’s purpose. It’s wonderful. I highly recommend.

Picture to Share:

My peaceful little home office...
My peaceful little home office…

Pray for me as I remember to live in God’s grace today…!


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