You know those sins that you don’t even know exist in your heart? Either you’re vaguely aware of it and think you have it handled, or you really have no idea they were there in the first place?

And you know how God will use certain things in your life to burrow deeper and deeper into your soul and prick that sin? And how the only apparent explanation for it coming up is simply because He wanted to bring it to your attention?

It’s a frustrating yet wonderful thing. Here I am, tumbling around in this battle between my exposed sin and my Spirit-given conscience, frustrated that my incompetence is now floating out in the open for me to see.

And yet, I feel loved by God for pointing this out to me. For tossing me into the melee.

He loves me so much, He refuses to let unknown, hidden, rooted sins be. He awoke the dragon within me, just so He could help me fight it and put it to death.

So yes. I’m not perfect. I might have thought so about a day ago. Or at least, in my false modesty, I thought I was doing “alright”. But God, in His immeasurable love, said, “Really? Are you now? Well, let me just pull a few wires… and oh, hm, look what I found. Let’s deal with this first.”

Pray for me in this battle against impatience and lack of grace.


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