Just some things I’m thankful for… I hope to pick a few and expand on them throughout the month.

The beautiful crispness of autumn.


Doctors who intently search my blood for solutions.

General health.

A gracious church family.

A pastor who speaks the hard, good, convicting truth of God’s word and doesn’t peddle His truths for more attendees.

Friends who uphold me in prayer, who laugh and sing and watch chick-flicks together, who live in various pockets of the globe; friends whom I love.

A secure job doing what I love in a city I hold dear.

A Christian boss!

A wise, witty momma and a punny, patient dad.

Three goofballs I call my siblings.

The uncles who stepped in as father figures when needed.

My kindred spirit — my granny.

A believing spouse, the man I call my best earthly friend, who helps me identify and fight my besetting sins and loves me throughout.

Saving grace, for even me.

The promise and anticipation of eternity with Christ.


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