That Moment When…

Most people know of the new trend on social websites that starts a sentence with “that moment when”. Usually, people use it to highlight an awkward situation, a hilarious incident, a “what in the world” reaction to another human’s lack of common sense, etc.

Well. Yesterday, I was sitting around reading Psalm 139 and thought to myself:

That moment when you realize God knew you before you were conceived.

And then I kind of got carried away.

That moment when God foreknew you and predestined you to be His.

That moment when Christ came into the world, lived His fully God, fully human life, and died thinking of His elect.

That moment when you realize that He thought of you because you are one of His elect.

That moment when you actually start to cry because you’re homesick for heaven.

That moment when unbelievers just don’t get it and you try to explain it and they blow it off.

That moment when you hold a baby and pray for its salvation.

That moment when head knowledge about God’s sovereignty is challenged by pain, suffering, and temptation.

That moment when you’re the only one of your adult friends who’d rather spend the afternoon with their godly parents than go out to a sports bar.

That moment when you’re convicted by the idiotic movies you watched.

That moment when the answer you get is not the answer you want to hear — and all you can do is trust the Lord.

That moment when trusting the Lord is way easier said than done.

I could go on forever.

But I won’t, for your sake. At least for now…

Leave some of your own “that moment when” statements in the comments!


17 thoughts on “That Moment When…

  1. That moment when you can clearly see how the Lord has been protecting you your whole life, including the decades when you didn’t yet know you were his . . .

    Lovely post, thank you for sharing!

  2. “That moment when:” You realize that the Spiritual scales are being removed from peoples eyes that we all are beginning to wake up to the real truth concerning the times we are living in. When we as God’s people feel homesick for the returning of the Lord Jesus Christ and to hear Him say welcome home thou good and faithful servant. What a time that will be.

  3. That moment when you realize that your past successes and failures are presently being used of the Lord to make you the person that He has predestined you, called you, and made you to be, that He would receive the glory.

  4. That moment when you watch your earthly father pass boldly into the presence of his Almighty Maker, and know that he laid claim to the promises of his Savior and now resides with Him for eternity, never to know pain, sorrow, or fear again, but to continually praise the One who chose him before the foundations of the earth were formed.

  5. That moment when you realize God directed you here to read these words because they were what you needed just now. Thank you for sharing.

  6. That moment when you realize that the most difficult, uncomfortable and painful times of your life are what you look back on as the sweetest evidences of God’s love for you, because “those whom the Lord loves, He discplines”

  7. That moment when you realize your uttermost depravity and realize that you are truly hanging above the precipice of destruction through HIS Grace alone.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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