Yes, yes. I know.

It’s been ages! But life happens.

I ran a half-marathon with my favorite running buddy. She already had a couple of half-marathons and one full marathon under her belt. She was great company. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than spending time with a sister in Christ? Of course, I’m fine with doing so with a fancy coffee in hand, but still. God gave us a love for running and a love for His people, so it was a great morning.

And I finished! My running buddy broke free and ran ahead of me for the last two miles, so I was able to spend that time thanking God for my legs, asking Him for strength, and baring my spirit in other areas of my life. Running has a way of making one physically, mentally, and emotionally vulnerable — which, I think, is why I do it.

Mister and I are enjoying our home. My granny helped us make a cute little patio with flower pots. And basil. I feel like one of those organic blogger wives… “Why yes, I grow basil in my back yard.”

Aren't they cute?
Aren’t they cute?

And yes, I used the basil today. I think fresh basil has ruined me for dried basil. Definitely. Mmmm.

Click for recipe. It's delicious.
Click for recipe. It’s delicious.

Hopefully I can find some time to post more often!


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