Elisha, part 7

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Things. Things have been happening. Things called life.

Anyway, here is the seventh installment for the Elisha series I wrote a while ago and never published. Again, hopefully you’ve already been listening on your own. But just in case! This sermon has some great lessons.

Three warnings from 1 Kings 5:20-27:

  1. You can be amongst the godly and not be godly yourself (ie: 4:7, 4:31, 4:43).
  2. One sin leads to another.
  3. It is to those who want something for themselves out of God’s service that God’s curse comes.

There are only a few people in the Lord’s work for money, but there are some. But many people are in the Lord’s work because they want to be noticed, or they want to be admired, or they want to be respected, or they just simply want to be known… and there’s a divine curse on all that, because that’s work that’s done with the spirit of Gehazi. I’ve got to have something out of it for myself.  The curse may not be on the work, thank God, but it is on Gehazi. It’s not long before there’s something clinging to that man or woman which is repulsive to God and eventually repulsive to men and women as well. If we’re in Christian work at all, we should be in it not because we want anything out of it, but because we want to see men and women humbled, and because we want to see God our Savior glorified, because we want to see holiness promoted. But that was something Gehazi knew nothing about. Do you?


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