Elisha, part 10

The tenth installment, and truly a great sermon on the sovereignty and power and all-caring control of God.

I have several disjointed quotes from this sermon… there were so many things to quote, but I got absorbed in listening instead of typing, which I think is better for me anyway.

“The whole of creation is at the beck and call of God.”

“God will not treat the wicked and the just in the same way.”

“What is the theology of this passage? We have a controlling God. Here are people making wicked decisions, but even their free decisions, even what they decide to talk about, brings to pass the purpose of God. “He’s got the whole world in His hands.””

The lessons in 2 Kings 8:

  1. God doesn’t work the same way every time.
  2. God gives his servants a great variety of work to do.
  3. Your face is usually a giveaway of the state of your thoughts and mind, but not always.
  4. The example of Elisha.
  5. Most importantly, God rules this world, its creatures and all their actions, for His own glory, and for the benefit of His people. God has appointed everything that has come to pass.

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