Elisha, final part 11

An overview of Elisha’s life and a study of his death.

Here is a vague list of lessons from this sermon… if you want more details, you’re gonna have to listen for yourself!

5 general lessons from the life of Elisha

  1. He spent almost as much time learning as he did ministering.
  2. Most of his work was repetitive, undramatic, and unnoticed.
  3. He gave a special place to the training of others.
  4. Elisha seems to have realized that however long we get, we donโ€™t go on forever.
  5. When he could no longer do what he did, he did what he could.

5 particular lessons about the death of Elisha

  1. God does not give all His servants the same treatment.
  2. Even the unconverted knew that they were going to miss this man.
  3. At the moment of his death, it was clearer to him more than ever who it is to please.
  4. He used his dying moments to teach a lesson which is too important to miss.
  5. God set a unique seal of approval upon the prophetโ€™s life and his ministry.

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