Elisha, part 4

It’s been crazy the past few days: packing, moving, unpacking, no Internet, where is my one running shirt, I swear I packed the salt and pepper shakers in here, can we somehow put together hubby’s IKEA dresser tonight, and oh, I found the spare toothbrushes, so we don’t have to go out and get any.

Unfortunately, my personal devotions have fallen by the wayside the past couple of days. There really is no excuse. I’d like to say I was busy, but I should have my priorities ironed out better than that. I should.

Anyway, the fourth part of Stuart Olyott’s Elisha series (2 Kings 4). This is a great series. I honestly never studied the life of Elisha, so I’m glad I found these sermons.

Here are a couple of excellent quotes from this sermon series… and how fitting for this time in our Hunter life.

“And we stand back from the passage and know that God will provide. When a miraculous provision is needed, then a miraculous provision will be given. When the miraculous provision isn’t needed, then the miracle will stop. When self-effort can’t rescue us, God will do something outside of us. When self-effort can rescue us, then self-effort will be made necessary to rescue us. The Lord will provide. We need never fear. He’s no respecter of persons.”

How comforting to know that even human initiative is originally initiated by a holy God. Even our self-effort, our free will, is given to us, is inspired in us. We wouldn’t even desire Him if it wasn’t for His initial shove.

And how comforting to know that God always provides! Honestly, why do I even doubt this? I know the verses, but in the moment, I cast myself in despair, I stress over what could or should happen, and sometimes, when the solution arrives, I don’t even acknowledge that God brought it about! God provides, even when I don’t recognize it.

“Despair” makes me think of an Anne of Green Gables quote. First off, love that book, love that movie. Second, Marilla is a wise woman.

Anne: Can’t you even imagine you’re in the depths of despair?
Marilla: No I cannot. To despair is to turn your back on God.

So let’s not despair. God will provide!


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