6.1 miles to go

I finally did it. 7 straight miles. Thank you, Judge Judy, for bringing me through 4 of them. Thank You, God, for bringing me through the rest.

…I might barf.

Ugh. I’ve never felt this way before. Was I dehydrated? I don’t think so… I’ve been guzzling water since mile 2. Is my body hungry for nutrient recharge? Nope… ate a carby, proteiny, vegetably meal about 25 minutes after. I also pulled a muscle in my butt. Classy.

At least I’m not this guy.

What better way to recover from this awful hobby of mine than to lounge in bed and listen to a sermon? My kind hubby lent me his snazzy laptop so I can listen and rest. Notes from the sermon to follow soon!


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