IKEA trip

Husband and I are moving into a new apartment at the end of this week. Super exciting. Much better neighborhood, new carpeting and paint, no water heaters that smell like cat poop…….

Well. We stopped at IKEA on Saturday after signing the lease, and settled on a new couch. Our current couch is a cumbersome, 10 year old plaid couch.

So comfy. And so not plaid.

Anyway… I had been eying the food section in IKEA. And Saturday, I figured, “Hey, it’s fun to try out different cultures.”

I found this.


Yes. It’s a box of bread mix. Just add water.

Once you saw your way past the outside of the loaf, it’s actually a pretty soft, healthy loaf of bread.

But I will not be buying this again. Too much effort to cut into it.


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