Esther 6 & 7

Unfortunately, I must end the sermon series here … the last sermon is missing!

But here is the next installment of Esther. Truly thrilling. I’m thoroughly enjoying listening to Stuart Olyott throughout the day. I might listen to a couple more of Olyott’s sermon series and then move on to Ted Donnelly, another great, clear, compassionate preacher tucked away in Ireland.

“There are, sometimes, complete reversals in this life. Those who think they will go to the highest go to the lowest. And those who think they are finished, particularly to the people of God, are suddenly exalted. And that’s why the Scripture constantly warns the evil people of this world that they better be careful of what they plan, because none of their plans are certain. And God easily can reverse everything that they had planned, and bring to pass the complete opposite! It’s of no effort to God, as we see here.”

“Now soon we shall see history over. And soon we shall see wickedness pass down, never to rise again. And soon, we shall enjoy God perfectly. And when we praise God in heaven, there’s a great number of things we shall praise Him for. And of course, the greatest thing we shall praise Him for is what He is, what we’re enjoying of Him there, and the redemption that brought us there. But we shall also praise Him for the Providence that works in every single event of our lives.”

If anyone finds the last sermon of this Esther series, let me know! I’d like to finish it!


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