Esther 4 & 5

Here is the next installment.

And a great quote that should shake people in the Reformed doctrine to their core.

“You can see what confidence, then, [Mordecai] must have instilled in Esther. Because he says, “Look, God has a purpose to deliver the Jews. God will deliver the Jews! Whether you play your part, or whether you don’t!”

He didn’t, like some people, say, “ Because God has a sovereign purpose, Esther, you needn’t do anything.” He said, “Because God has a sovereign purpose, that’s the very reason why you should do something!” You can’t fail, in other words. “God will deliver the Jews, therefore, take steps to deliver the Jews!”

That’s divine logic. Human logic would say, “God will deliver the Jews, so let’s sit back, and let God deliver the Jews!” That’s human logic, and we see a lot of human logic today.”

Don’t be passive! Don’t be lazy! Like with Ruth and Naomi, God works through both coincidences and human initiative. So do not stifle your initiative and don’t ignore the call to do something.


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