Still 7.1 to go.

Yes. I only ran 6 miles yesterday. But I do have an excuse. I had to pick husband up from work (my car was in the shop).

I did discover that my stomach does not handle energy gels very well. I slurped it down after mile 4 and walked briskly at a 4.5% incline for a few minutes before running again, but still. Gave me the cramps.

In order to practice for the half-marathon and to keep from psyching myself out on pace come half-marathon race day, I’m running an 8.1 mile run in a couple of weeks. Seems like a good warm-up race for the half-marathon next month.

So far, I won’t have a running buddy (sad day), so pray that I stay strong! Also, praying is always an excellent way to get through a long, hard run, especially when you’re on a back road by yourself and all you can hear is the wind whistling through the pines along the road, and it feels so cool and refreshing, and little squirrels frantically try to pass in front of you without getting trampled, and….

One of my old country roads...
One of my old country roads…

….man, I miss the country.


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