Ruth 1

I’ve been listening to Stuart Olyott’s sermons from our annual family vacation in Mt. Bethel, PA.

The man himself.
  1. Stuart Olyott is the most conversational preacher I know. He asks rhetorical questions — good questions.
  2. He’s Welsh.
  3. The family conference is a week of what must be a foreshadowing of heaven: Christian fellowship, hearty hymn singing, and a selection of barely known, biblical preachers from around the world preaching the gospel through unexpected books of the Bible (i.e.: Ruth).

In 2008, Stuart Olyott taught from the book of Ruth. Excellent exposition. Excellent. Just as good as his exposition of Jonah, which I will share another day.

Anyway, so far today, I’ve listened to Stuart Olyott’s first sermon on Ruth 1 and reformatted a few pages in a manual. The fact that it’s only 9:30 means it’s going to be a long, long day. Thank goodness for sermons!

Here is the sermon on Ruth 1, in its entirety, if you want to listen with me. I’ll add the other sermons as I listen to them. But first, a quote from the sermon you (hopefully) are about to listen to.

“Some people like Christians. They like being with Christians, they like mixing with Christians, they have Christian family members, they have Christian friends, they like being in Christian company, but they are not Christian.

Maybe you’re one of those. It’s no good, you know?

Naomi doesn’t want these girls to come to Israel just for her sake. If they’re going to come to Israel, they’ve got, in their heart, to want to come to Israel, and be amongst the people of God, and be committed to the things the people of God are committed to. They can’t just be carried along by their friendships and by their love, but they must have a decision in their own heart, to follow the Lord.

So Naomi is pushing them away, just like Jesus sometimes did with people who haven’t counted the cost.”

Every one of his sermons make me stop and think. I was “one of those”… in fact, I was “one of those” while I was sitting in the congregation listening to this sermon. And then I think of the time right before I was saved. The time I felt that God was taking away everything that made me comfortable under the label “nominal Christian”.

And I had never thought of it like this before, but Jesus was pushing me away, because I did not count the cost.

Seriously. Listen to this man.

Update: Apparently the original link to the sermon didn’t work. Hopefully the revised link works better!


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