New Reading Material

Since I devoured The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield, I’m in need of new reading material. And this time, I want something heady.

A small group of people in our church is hoping to meet once every couple of weeks or so for theological discussions. Husband and I missed the first one, but we’ll be ready for this next one. To prepare, we’re reading John Stott’s The Cross of Christ.

I hear rave reviews about it from a couple of elders, my dad, and my husband. So I’m looking forward to it.

Yes, yes. I know it’s not a typical “Christian wife” book. It probably won’t say anything about how a woman lives her homey, sometimes mundane life while finding joy in God. Those books are good — great, in fact. But sometimes it’s necessary to sharpen my mind. To be able to stand my ground in a theological discussion. To be able to knowledgeably discuss theology with anyone.

Perhaps some people might think I’m straying from my duty as a wife by pursuing discussions and books and debates that don’t specifically help me grow in my wifey role or prepare me for mommy role.

I disagree. I am a believer of Christ first, a wife second. My first and foremost desire and duty is to know God and to present His gospel clearly and confidently. My second desire and duty is to serve my husband and create a home.

Don’t get me wrong. I love books like The Fruitful Wife by Hayley DiMarco (wow, convicting), The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace (wow, way too convicting), and other books designed specifically for women and wives and mothers. I mean. I am a woman. I am a wife. I hope to be a mother someday.

But equally, and perhaps more important, are books like The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink, Real Christianity by William Wilberforce, and so, so many more books by men like Paul Washer, Stuart Olyott, J.C. Ryle, Charles Spurgeon, J.I. Packer, John Owen that are designed specifically for the Christian.

So, ladies, don’t put yourselves in the box of wife and deprive yourselves of good, brain-cramping, soul-nourishing, heart-convicting theology books! Because you are not just a wife. You are a Christian, who needs to train all facets of your daily, Christian walk, not just the one involving a husband and children.

Man. I did not plan on getting my soapbox out today. But there it is!


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