Cross Training and Strength Training

After my burnout on Thursday — oh, I didn’t tell you. I got dizzy and hungry around mile 5 on Thursday and promptly stopped so that I could at least make it home from the gym.

But yes. After my burnout on Thursday, I realized that I needed to really crack down on my cross and strength training routines. I can’t seem to break the 6 mile mark, and I really think it’s because (here comes a list)

  1. I haven’t tried energy gels.
  2. I don’t keep my water bottle with me.
  3. I don’t train my arms, core, butt, and legs with strength training or cycling (the only other thing I can do in this horrible March climate).

So there you have it. I’m just burning out at the 6 miles mark. And I am not going to be carried to my car like after the 10 miler.

That was embarrassing. I’m pretty sure I was the only person who shot my own Achilles tendons during that run. Ay.

So I’ve been picking through the Bob Harper workout DVD, sticking with arms and abs and throwing in some weighted squats and lunges. And I plan on using Wednesday as a bike day. I’ve never really used a stationary bike. I’m hoping it’s not as embarrassing as trying out the stair master for the first time (you people make it look so easy).


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