I can’t believe it…

…I’ve already finished The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. Such an astounding book. While Rosaria’s testimony and story are startling and powerful, the best part of the book for me was relating to her words.

Greatest Saturday morning reading time.

No, Rosaria and I do not share the same past. We don’t share the same timeline, the same story. But there is one thing we do have in common: we lived in sin, Christ compelled us to die to sin, and we still fight against sin. Her entire book centers on this commonality between all Christians, making it a book I often sighed in understanding to, a book I cried to, a book I chuckled to.

It reminded me of my own conversion! And it constantly drove home the grace, love, and sacrifice of Christ. Even further, it affirmed that I am not the only Christian who struggles with remaining sin, the little troll that sings a tricky little song from under the bridge. It affirmed that with grace comes grueling cleansing and training of our minds and bodies, and constant battle with who we once were.

I am beyond excited to listen to her speak at the conference here in Pittsburgh in April! And welcome her to our glorified small town city as a fellow believer, a fellow soldier for Christ! Because man, we fight the most vicious and dangerous of wars. But Christ is our general, and He has already won the battle… So we fight to persevere! To continue in faith!


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