The Biggest Race I’ve Ever Run

I’ve been running for a long time. Granted, I stunk when I was in middle school track. And I hated it. And I took a hiatus during the first two years of college because I was lazy (and hated it).

But then I started running on the treadmill my junior year. And I still stunk, because I didn’t know that 0% incline was the equivalent of walking down a “down” escalator.

And then I ran my first 5k. That was a horrible, scarring experience. Freezing rain and snot, knowing my family was enjoying sleeping in on the blessed Thanksgiving day, and passing homes with turkey smells wafting out… the only thing that kept me going was my little brother running a consistent 30 yards ahead of me.

I didn’t run another 5k for a while. Until last fall. When I accidentally started with the half-marathoners, got 2.5 miles into it, and realized I needed to turn around or inevitably die of overexertion halfway through. Everybody congratulated me for finishing so fast. I didn’t have time to explain, so I just smiled and waved and hoped nobody noticed.

Hey, I still ran 4 miles in 33 minutes. I felt pretty good about that.

And then there was the 10 miler. Greatest running buddy ever made for a great race, until about the 8 mile mark when my muscles screamed about only being trained for 6 miles.

And then the Thanksgiving trot with family…

My dear husband does not enjoy the running. Or early mornings.
My dear husband does not enjoy the running. Or early mornings.

Well. Now I’m facing a half marathon. Working my way up from 5 miles right now. And since I don’t like the cold (see: reptile), I’ve been running my miles on a treadmill with 1.5% to 2% incline.

Also, I’m slow.

Either way… I’m terrified. I mean. I’ve run 10 miles straight before. I figure a halfer is only a 5k longer than that.

But still.

April 20th. With the greatest running buddy ever. The biggest race I’ve ever run. Or really will ever run. I have no desire to be in running motion for 26.2 miles. If you do, props. Huge props. 13.1 is enough for me.

If anyone reading this pathetic blog has any tips… please please let me know. I only survived the 10 miler because the greatest running buddy ever had raisins in her pocket. What works for you?

Pray for my training! I’m the type of person that runs races to have fun. My goal is to finish!


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