Pizza Pizza

Ok, this just happened.

*ring ring ring*

Very Italian Guy With Thick Accent (VIGWTA): Hello, aackhaltkdelivery.

Me: Hi, uhm. I’d like to order a pizza.

VIGWTA: Yes, delivery?

Me: Oh! Yes.

VIGWTA: Whatshaskhtalstess?

Me: I’d like a medium pizza…


Me: Oh! (gives address).

VIGWTA: Oookay, now how can I help you?

Me: Yes, I would uh, like a medium pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.

VIGWTA: Oookay, anything else?

Me: No, thank you!

VIGWTA: Ok venzweithirty.

Me: I’m sorry?

VIGWTA: Felveithirty.

Me: …….

VIGWTA: Felveithirty…

Me: ……

VIGWTA: Hello???

Me: Yes, I’m sorry, I just, I can’t understand you.

VIGWTA: Oh, yes, uh, the price… it is Felveithirty.

Me: *feigns understanding* Ooooh, haha. I’m so sorry. Thank you!

VIGWTA: Haha! Bye Bye!


So we’re having pizza tonight.


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