Genesis 24:1-60

Quick synopsis of Genesis 24:1-60: Abraham sends his head servant back to his homeland to find his son, Isaac, a wife. So his servant treks back to their old stomping grounds with ten camels and lots of gifts to search for a wifey. By the time they get there, of course, both the servant and the camels are dying of thirst. The servant, eager to properly seek a wife, prays that God will give him the sign of a woman who draws water from a well for both himΒ and all his thirsty camels. Crazy. That’s… a lot of water. And I thought my arm workout was rough.

God sends Rebekah. Who does exactly that, without being asked, without hesitation. The servant approached her father and brother, and she agrees to marry mystery man Isaac.

Search the Scriptures asked me:

What picture do we get of Rebekah?

Well. Rebekah sees a man thirsty, and agrees to give him a drink. Once he’s finished chugging it down, she just says, “I’ll water your camels, too.” Because I mean, they probably looked pretty parched.

One camel can drink as much as 30 gallons when thirsty. This girl hydrated 10 thirsty camels. Yeah.

Then, she trusts the servant when he plops gold jewelry on her and says that he’s traveled from a far away land to take her back and marry her to his master’s son. She just says, “Ok, let me go get my father.”

Then, when her brother and father approve of the marriage and run it by her, she obeys, and says, “I will go.” Simple as that.

If only more women knew what it meant to have a servant’s heart in relationship to the men in their life. Not to be a servant themselves, but to have a servant’s heart, a desire to serve others.

If only I remembered this more often!

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5 thoughts on “Genesis 24:1-60

  1. If not with a servant’s heart, how do you feel most women act now towards the men in the lives? How would you describe how most men act in relationship to the women in their lives? Should men also have a servant’s heart or no and why or why not?

    1. Thank you so much for the discussion! I really appreciate it when readers engage.

      I’m not a guru in anything — just a typical Christian learning along with everyone else — but I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

      Unfortunately, I think I both men and women fall short of the way God created them to interact. This is, of course, due to the fall of man (Genesis 3). I am not a “women are to be passive, docile doormats” enthusiast at all. If you read my page titled “Gracious God”, you will see just how passionate, tempered, opinionated I can be. But I am an “Ephesians 5:22-33” enthusiast.

      “Wives, submit to your husbands, as to the Lord.” Wow. Um. It’s woman’s nature to have issues with that verse. I believe that command and strive to follow it in God’s grace every day, but man, those moments when I feel like my husband really needs me to take over a conversation or project because clearly I know how to go about this the best way because I am woman, hear me roar! All women do not naturally have a servant’s heart… until God gives them one upon regeneration. And so, women, in general, until saved by God’s grace, act contrary to God’s will, and strive to be in charge.

      “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…” Like all humans, it’s every man’s natural desire to love himself first. This is something that all husbands struggle with. The point is if they struggle with it. If they are not regenerate, if God has not given them a clean heart, they will continue living selfishly, taking what they want from their wife and feeling entitled to not return it. If God has regenerated them, however, they will see the love with which Christ loved the Church. They will see the command from God in the Bible to love their wives with as much sacrifice, with as much selflessness as Christ loves the Church. And they will strive to do so every day.

      No one is perfect. Not even Christians. I think it’s a common misconception that Christians think they’re so perfect. If any human thinks they’ve reached perfection while on this earth, they are an absolute heretic. Every man struggles with self-love. Every women struggles with control issues. When I read the pure obedience, trust, and submission that Rebekah demonstrated toward her father, her brother, her future husband, and ultimately, God, it hit home for me. I’m a new wife! Of course I’m struggling with it, too! And I know that since I am struggling with it, all women struggle with it. So my prayer is that more and more women will be given a servant’s heart… a heart-situation that can only come from God.

      Man. I should have just written a new blog post, haha. Maybe I will!

    2. In Ephesians, there is an analogy provided to illustrate the complementary relationship between husband and wife. Christ gives himself up for his bride (the church), who obeys and reveres her husband. While husbands don’t daily die physically for their wives, they are to die to self in regard and in position. If that’s not showing servanthood, I don’t know what is. πŸ™‚

      That is the revealed will of God. Sadly, though, as the world churns, we know what happens in every day life and relationship does not usually reflect God’s revealed will. Too many of my own friends and family are just barely maneuvering the tenuous strands of their marriages. Even in those rocky unions where one is more in error than the other, neither is inclined to be a servant to his/her spouse, or at least in very, very rare cases.


  2. So glad that Christ is our example as THE Servant, who accomplishes his mission for the Father in a spirit of gentleness and obedience, who is able to where I am not, who gives of himself for those who have rejected him, even for the Gentiles, who suffers for the sake of his bride.

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