P.S. I love you, jambalaya.

Anyone who knows me knows I love food. Ah, thank You, God, for taste buds.

I’m not picky. At all. But I really have a thing for Cajun food. I lived the first few impressionable years of my life in Louisiana, so the spicy, salty, fried deliciousness of gumbo, crawfish, and beignets hit the nostalgic thread pretty hard. Like I tell most food, I love it.

So, last night. I made jambalaya. Well, it was a calmer, more Northern version. But close enough.

I forgot to take a picture of it before stuffing my face. So here it is during my lunch hour.

I resented having to pause my lunch to take this.

Such a glorious little bucket of tasty delights.

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Savory-Sausage-and-Rice-Skillet/Detail.aspx

Just so you know, I added a “sure, that tastes right” amount of chili powder and Hungarian paprika. It would be insanely boring otherwise.


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