9.1 miles to go…

Running on a treadmill is the worst. I suppose it was warm enough to run outside today… but I’m a reptile, so I have to live under heat lamps to stay alive.

Also, always make sure you eat before doing anything that burns calories you don’t have. I would love to watch the security camera from when I tried to put on my jacket without falling on my face. I almost begged for a sugar cookie from a toddler in the gym’s nursery. It was great. I love running.

But seriously, I do. God gave me grasshopper legs. So I use them. Plus it just keeps me busy after a nice, long, desk-sit at the office.

Guess the movie.

Wait. Grasshoppers aren’t reptiles.

I’d love to hear what kind of workouts work for other people. Or any sports God has created them to do. Or! If you are training or have trained for a half-marathon… what are some good tips?

P.S. Total sidebar, here, but we Christians love to fawn over athletes who broadcast the Christian faith. Like Tim Tebow or Lolo Jones. Psh. They’re nothing compared to Eric Liddell. What a testimony, to not run a race in the Olympics because it was the Lord’s Day!

Did you know… his parents were going to call him “Henry Eric Liddell”, but then realized his initials would be “HEL”. So they named him Eric Henry Liddell, instead.

P.P.S.: I really like Italics today.

That’s all.


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