I’ll try to make my first post as un-cliche as possible.

So in other news, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. Mid-Atlantic state experiencing 50 degree weather in February? Say what? As my husband likes to say, “If this is global warming, I like it.”

And this is the man who said it.

Speaking of, I’m married. Newly married, in fact. This blog will be for… Hm. Really anything pertaining to wifeyhood.

Here is a list, because technical writers love lists:

  • Food posts! Food is great!
  • Running posts! Running is sometimes great. Actually, it’s only great when you’re done.
  • Just for fun posts! Fun!
  • Devotions or reflections! Because meditating on God’s word is, and should always be, the desire of my heart!

And that just about does it!


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